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For any of our readers who are interested in taking up a Law course in the UK, we have created this handy guide.

LLB Business Law Degree

The LLB in business law is an extremely interesting but complex course that provides students with a solid grounding in all aspects of the essential legal subjects that are required by legal professionals within the field.

The LLB Degrees generally consists of many specialist modules that cater for commercial and financial law which are designed to provide the student with all they need for a long and successful career. The course itself consists of three levels of study which each feature many different topical subjects within a typical Law School in the UK.

The first of these levels features modules on English and EU legal systems, Criminal Law, Law of Tort and Product Liability and Contract Law. The second level of study within this degree features topical modules which include Public Law and Human Rights, Property Law, Company and Commercial Law, Evidence and Business Crime and Environmental Law. The third and final level of topic modules consist of Equity and Trusts, European Union Law, Media and Trade Marks Law, Finance, Taxation and Investment Law and Finally Project and Placement. Whilst there are several establishments that offer legal courses, Bangor University offer a Law Degree that is very popular in the UK.

The student will be assessed through various forms which include essays, examinations, presentations and research projects and successful students will be accredited with a fully recognized law degree which will enable them to progress into the full time legal profession. There will be many work placements and career opportunities for successful students as this is one of the most desirable career moves in the world today. For more information on

International Business and Business Law BA Hons

The International Business and Business Law Courses allow the student to examine many variations of business related topics of law subjects and offers them a firm standing for their future careers. This course enables students to gain a firm footing into the business law world and provides an extremely broad range of skills for the successful students to use in the future. The course is split into three levels which comprise of many different topical subjects which are each accredited to the students overall marks.

The first of these levels comprises of modules such as Introduction to Business and Financial Law, Global Business Environment, Global Challenges for Business, Management and Leadership and Professional Business and Legal Skills.

The second level comprises of module topics such as International Business and Global Environment, International Law and the Law of the European Union, Business Decision Making, Company and Commercial Law, Common Law Liabilities and Competitive Environment and the International Economy. The third and final level modules are International Business Strategy and the Global Economy, Law of International Trade and Competition Law, Legal theory and Business project and Business, Industry and Government. Additional resources for studying via Law Scholarships within Law. For more information on the right type of qualification please take a look at the following courses:

1. Business and Marketing MA

2. MA In Finance

3. Business Marketing Courses

4. Law Courses

5. Marketing MBA Degree

This course is again assessed by case study, exams, essays, case conference, presentations and projects. On completion of this course the student will find there are a multitude of career opportunities awaiting them in many different areas of the business world. This course also acts as a perfect stepping stone to many additional career courses if the student so wishes.

There are a variety of Law Based courses available to UK Students such as LLM Courses. Other materials can be found here on one of our recommended Journal of resources.

Please take a look the Harvard Law Schools video, showing 6 members of the Supreme Court of the United States.