About Amnesty

Amnesty as a movement – Vision and Mission

We are a group of Pioneers who believe in keeping the “Amnesty International” message and vision alive.

Our volunteers have opted to carry on the good work of organisations all over the world, that share our movement to protect Human Rights.

Amnesty International has over 190,000 members in the UK alone, highlighting just how big our network of followers actually is.  We all share the same goal ” To Recognise Human Rights” all over the world.

Here are some useful facts:

Amnesty International UK (AIUK) is one of more than 50 AI sections (national offices) worldwide.

AIUK has more than 195,000 members, over 300 local groups and over 1000 affiliated organisations across the United Kingdom.

AIUK’s main office is in London with additional offices in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

AIUK employs 132 staff and around 65 volunteers.

More information about AIUK can be found within the main AIUK website.

CUAI is one of roughly 100 student Amnesty groups based in UK universities that are affiliated to AIUK

The Official UK website can be visited here: https://www.amnesty.org.uk/

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